The new Kensington

by Dory Buck | Jun 06, 2016
The Kensington immediately establishes itself as our new flagship home.

Modern Kensington kitchen

Immediately establishing itself as the flagship of the latest modern line of Stately-Albion homes, the 'Kensington', launched at the 2016 Newbury Show, rivals the long-established 'Topaz' for indulgent grandeur and stylish design, while appealing to a more contemporary customer-base. It's huge windows, clean unfussy lines and vaulted ceilings leading to a light and airy environment that ultimately creates the impression of immense interior space. The beautifully equipped designer kitchen creates a stunning welcome as you enter and the sensationally furnished main bedroom oozes class.

Like the Topaz is to the well-loved Chatsworth range of traditionally designed Stately-Albion residential homes, the Kensington caps the elegant and stylish line that runs from the new Tredegar Elite, the recently relaunched Goodwood, through the WentwoodWindsor and Woburn; modern lines, slick and efficient features and looks to die for - the Kensington is an eye-catching, impressively appointed home that makes a statement by it's sheer presence and beauty, while using clever and innovative attributes to ensure that no space is wasted and every opportunity for inventive and clever design has been considered.

So for those looking for high-end luxury, combined with contemporary and modern design, an alternative is now available in an impressively spacious and modern package.... the Kensington.