Another successful Newbury Show

by Dory Buck | May 27, 2015
The ten-home Stately-Albion ‘village’ was again, as in 2014, the star of the show.

Newbury Show Village 2015

With the gods seemingly smiling down on Newbury Showfield in 2015, the National Park and Holiday Homes Show again enjoyed extremely good weather, the three-day event finding itself fortuitously placed in a sunny period that was book-ended by two days of absolute deluge. The ten-home Stately-Albion ‘village’ was again, as in 2014, the star of the show, with many casual and curious visitors from among the excellent attendance figures, strolling in inquisitively from other parts of the Showfield and leaving incredibly impressed and a little surprised by the standard of manufacture and variety of home on offer.

Along with the two latest models produced by Stately, the extraordinarily-appointed and spacious Raglan and the much-admired and modern Woburn, there was also the very impressively face-lifted Goodwood model, which has been given a modern and fresh new look that brings it in line with the clean lines of its big brother, the Woburn.

The more traditional and recognizable ‘Residential’ Stately models on display, such as the Cardigan Cottage, the Tredegar Contemporary, the Chatsworth Gold and Platinum Contemporary - along with the ‘Leisure’ lodges the Warwick and the Arundel - have all been subject to continuous tweaking and development over their production run and still retain a fresh and modern feel, while never losing that warmth and comfort which has become synonymous with Stately-Albion homes and has been familiar to all our customers over the past five decades.

Along with established models, the ‘Bespoke’ home Stately displayed was a superbly luxurious example of the company’s design expertise and the coachbuilder’s craft, manufactured to the exacting expectations of one of our biggest customers; representing the very best in contemporary and energy-efficient mobile home design, this home displayed the established and traditional Stately-Albion trait of combining both luxury and quality with exceptional value-for-money.